What is Charms?

Charms Office Assistant is an online tool designed specifically for music programs to provide a standardized, easy method of communicating important information to students and their families. Charms has many features that permit our teachers to administer the many tasks required to manage a music department of our size.

Within Charms you will be able to update your contact information, access the private EHHS Music Department calendar (coming soon!), view fundraising and financial account information, download important forms and information and much more.

To login, follow this link:

Logging In For The First Time

At the beginning of the school year your student’s Charms account is set up by staff. When you click on the link you will be brought to the Charms login page. Enter your School Code first.

Your school code is: easthamptonmusic

You will then be prompted for the Student Area Password. The password for each student’s new Charms account is the same as their Charms Student ID number. You will be able to change the password to one of your own choosing at a later time. Your student can obtain their ID number from Mr. Brown or Mr. Groves.

Logging in will bring you to the Charms Parent/Student Area main page. We are not using every feature of Charms at this time, but plan to expand our usage of it as the year progresses. At the moment, the primary use is contact information and financial records for trips and fundraising.

Personal Information

This is one of the most important sections of Charms, since the information that you enter is key to how the music department communicates to you and your student.

Update Student Detail – Here is where you provide all of the details for your student. Some of this information will already be filled in and other information such as Groups can only be updated by the Directors.
Student ID – Even if you change your password, your student’s ID does not change. This is the ID assigned by the school.
Phone – Your student’s home phone number.
Cell – Your student’s cell number.
Cell Carrier – Required in order to text a message from Charms to the student.
E-Mail – Your student’s e-mail address and not the parent’s.

Add New Adult or Update Adult Information – This is how the music department will communicate with YOU, the parent or guardian. Multiple adults may be added per student. All fields with a green dot are required. The more information that you provide – and update when changed – the better the band is able to communicate important information to you.
Cell Phone and Carrier – Necessary if you want to receive communications via text message.
Relation – It may be obvious to you but it may not be obvious to us!
E-Mail 1 and E-Mail 2 – Your work e-mail and your personal e-mail, or wherever you can most reliably be reached.
Occupation/Skills – Particularly skills that can be of benefit to the band or chorus. A quick way to find out who is a jet propulsion engineer for when, inevitably, Mr. Brown will want to incorporate rockets into the show.

Change Password

It is recommended that you change your password to one that is easily memorized, but something other than the Student ID (which others may know). Don’t forget to share that changed password with the others who will log into your account – including your student. If you forget your password, your student’s teacher can reset it upon request.

Questions or Problems

Should you have any questions or encounter any problems with Charms, please contact Mr. Brown or Mr. Groves.